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"Fight for me. Don't just lie down." My Skins marathon just killed me by bringing up current issues. Wow..
Missing you..... this feels the truest...
little teapot block Tutorial.  I’ll show you how I planned my fabric placement so that the flowers are centered perfectly in their section of the block
Custom Mason DWM Mauser 458x2"
So what does your N expect? Your N expects you to be perfect. By the way, expectations change by the minute. He expects you to give him endless attention. Then he expects you to leave him alone. He expects you to be a sexual object giving into his every kinky thought. Then he expects you to want zero sex. You must figure out which is which. He expects you to put up with every imaginable verbal insult, silent treatment, rage episode he can dish out. You must never be hurt by...
Soo true! Bob asked me today about the good times.  He said surely we had those.  I couldn't think of any.
KAGADATO selection. The best in the world. Weapon. **************************************DWM P08 Luger
Excellent Brazilian Contract DWM Model 1908 Bolt Action Rifle
P08 Luger by DWM