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Kimimaro by DestatiDreamXIII

I've always liked this bone guy This kind of mellow grayish color scheme isn't something I've really tried before, but I hope you like the result!

Wohndesign | http://wohnenmitklassikern.com/tendenzen/erstaunlichste-innenarchitektur-tendenzen-fuer-2018/

Top 5 Erstaunlichste Innenarchitektur Tendenzen für 2018

Wohndesign | http://wohnenmitklassikern.com/tendenzen/erstaunlichste-innenarchitektur-tendenzen-fuer-2018/

except with apple, strawberry, & blue raspberry sour belts from the peanut store. NOM!

Little Blue Car Birthday {BEEP! BEEP

except with apple, strawberry, & blue raspberry sour belts . For Tony's Orange and blue party

Watercolor clock forearm tattoo - 100 Awesome Watch Tattoo Designs <3 <3

100 Awesome Watch Tattoo Designs

Yukino and angel are sisters

I noticed this since I first saw Yukino in the GMG arc, I really thought she was Angel XD


Awesome picture of Naruto Uzumaki Love the blues in this picture ^___^<<< Look at his cute face -w- he always reminds me of a fox kit(kinda duh there tbh)

Kai's Costume designs by joshuad17 on DeviantArt

I tried a new art style where I don't shade anything, but instead keep everything a uniform color. I also tried to keep to a color scheme: red, gold, and gray.