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Top 30+ des souris d’ordinateur les plus originales et insolites

Steampunk Iron Man

Steampunk Iron Man, the Marvel Costume Contest Winner at New York Comic Con 2010 - looking at a small pic of this, I didn't immediately realize it wasn't a still from the film. Had to show my husband - the comic geek in this house.

iPhone 5 Case-Mate

Coques Case-Mate iPhone 5 Appareil-photo vintage de Steampunk TLR

Shop Vintage TLR Camera Dark Edition Case For Galaxy created by poppycock_cheapskate.

Steampunk Glowing USB Drive

Steampunk Monitor and Keyboard

-Steampunk USB Flash Drive with Glowing Quartz Crystal- You can grab this USB drive off of Etsy. A real quartz crystal sits at the heart, and lights up when you transfer data to the stick. The casing is metal, brazed with silver.

Super ces téléphones portables Steampunk de Ivan Mavrovic

Les téléphones portables Steampunk de Ivan Mavrovic

Steam Amp With Speakers 02 by *AEvilMike on deviantART

High end audio audiophile Boiler Speakers: Streaming Tunes in a Steampunk Style vacuum tube