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Animal/Dog Watercolor Painting by Susan Nall

"There's no amount of self-mastery, no amount of technical perfection will get you by, and save your life, or save the life of a loved one. I don't care if you spend your whole lifetime learning how to do different martial arts, and how to become adept in every one of them, it won't be worth squat, if, in the moment of life and death, you're confused about who you are. "

Ull - The God of winter, death, skiing, the chase, overall combat, archery, hunting and trapping, and snowshoes (of all things). He represents the northern winter and spends them hunting with Skade, and the summers in Helheim with Hel. It is said that he must spend time with Hel so that Odin can run the weather while he is gone (summer). Ull’s name actually means "glorious" and was used in the naming of many places. Becuase of this, it's thought that he may have been a major god in earlier…

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