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Merry Christmas baby by Hanson - LIGHT SHOW :)

Mini-lights synchronized to music using complete audio control.DJ equipment used for audio control in show.

Time's Up - HANSON.NET

It is amazing how far away something can be and once you are there how fast it seems to have arrived. We have spent the last four months talking about .

Zac Hanson 2016

First, for the last week we have been recording the new EP, Loud. Yes, it is loud, but it still goes all over the place with our patented eclectic styl.


Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson 2013 - Drinking a pint - London, England

Hanson Brothers, 1 Month, Music Life, Middle

Hanson - March 2016

In preparation for recording the 2016 members EP Loud, we have been doing a little writing and general musical goofing off to stretch our muscles before we g.

Profile - HANSON.NET

All week long we have been looking forward to tonight's Alive Tonight stream. We have been working on a brand new EP with all different styles of music and w.

Hanson 21st Birthday Weekly Picture - Week 7/52

Isaac & Taylor Hanson 2013 - Beer tasting during MmmHops test brew - Mustang Brewery, Oklahoma City OK. In this pic Taylor and Isaac and Zac are tasting some brew, straight from the fermentation tanks in OKC.

cupcake wars

Hanson on Cupcake Wars. Too bad the Food Network refuses to show it again!