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Sunglasses: Looking Cooler and Staying Healthier

KTK-Nutrition: How to stay hydrated this summer. Water is a good choice but there are other options to stay hydrated and avoid the added sugary drinks. Make small changes this week for a healthier you. Read how simple, easy changes can lead to a healthier lifestyle and help prevent type 2 diabetes. Kathryn Kotula is a registered dietitian who teaches nutrition and child health. Follow her blog: ktknutrition.blog.... This board contains healthy lifestyle tips, physical health info…

Tips For Staying Fit While Traveling - http://slickhousewives.com/tips-for-staying-fit-while-traveling/ - Tips For Staying Fit While Traveling Summer vacations are on your mind, but your recent health changes or weight loss may become a concern as you prepare to travel. Not only will you have tons of food temptations coming at you, but you are likely to have a hard time finding the time or ...

ELDERLY CARE IN LAKE PARK, FL Fresh fruits and vegetables play an important role in your elderly care journey with your aging parents, providing valuable dietary fiber to aid in healthy digestion and offer lasting satiety, vitamins and minerals to support the body’s functions and ward off health complications and illnesses, and high water content to help you work toward your daily hydration goals.

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