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Fun Black and White Murals of Friends and Family by Alex Senna

Fun Black and White Murals of Friends and Family by Alex Senna Street Art Graffiti Inclused architecture and art, so its like graffiti culture

Graffiti is considered art now yet it wasn't considered art during the Renaissance. This exprssive form of art has become more accepted in the modern day era. The accepted art in the Renaissance included religious scenes which is completely opposite of

MTO and “The Wynwood Family”  : Brooklyn Street Art                                                                                                                                                                                 More

MTO and “The Wynwood Family” : Brooklyn Street Art

Remember when you’d been a kid at and your teacher would make you face the wall? MTO ( Graffiti / Street-art ) hasn’t forgotten! His new piece is on a school in Head down for.

This art style would make a killer tattoo...

Mexico, Artist Unknown - A skeleton mother, little skeletons clamoring at her feet, yet she holds a red rose.

Someone spray-painted all of this whhhhhaaaatttt?

Street Art Banksy Some Of My Favorites Banksy Street Art On Clipstone Street Fitzrovia Buy This Bank

#LiveTruth #Realize #WeAllCarryHitlersGuns (Not as in "alive" but the verb LIVE)

El grafitero bikismo trae esta polémica y provocadora obra

Incredible street art & Graffiti in New York | Fat Kids Cake

Pavement artist Joe Hill stands on the edge of his drawing of a New York scene - in London, England. - photo by Ash Knotek, via dailymail

street art by Pejac

Best street art from April 2013 4

Subtractive Street Art by Pejac on the Streets of Spain trees street art painting. I want to do this with Koda's silhouette and her artwork!

Graffiti lanes Melbourne, Australia

Graffiti lanes Melbourne, Australia Something about this "kind" of graffiti that I find oddly beautiful.