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I made this painting for my husbands niece who got the best teaching job ever in a charter school for girls. For inspiration, she gave me a list of

The Joy Up Print. lori portka via Etsy.

We are Spirits of Joy! The Joy Up Print. lori portka via Etsy.


A Reflection of You Painting « Lori Portka Feasting on Love ~ Be Your Own Beloved

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Print : May They All be Balanced and Happy by LoriPortka on Etsy

Print : Balanced and Happy

Upgraded Again!- A Month of Thank Yous : Gratitude Kit  (NO STAMPS)

A Month of Thank Yous : Gratitude Kit

Horror and sadness swallow me and I run out the door and into the rain.  I didn't know where to go so I ran to where my feet took me.  My vision is blurry from tears and rain.  When I can't see hear or lift my feet anymore I fall to my knees and cry.  The rain soaks my body when suddenly something blocks the rain off me.  I glance up to see Darian holding an umbrella over me.  My tear continue to fall and soon enough Darian is a blurry figure in front of me and burry my face in my knees.

Rain Catcher - 1 Drop


Yelena Bryksenkova

<3 Love is all around you <3

Print : Love All Around You

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I love these simple nature paintings. Print: Farmer's Market by LoriPortka on Etsy

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Lori Portka: Spreading Happiness Through Art by LoriPortka