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but you were someone special, you stuck through thick and thin. but i was much too busy trying to shine, to let your love shine in.

I really wish you would stop playing dead & come live in Colorado with me! Ashli will keep you safe, always:)

does absolutely nothing for 2 minutes, half of the crowd faints, moves his head, there goes the other half, michael jackson, meme - Aug 21 2015 05:56 PM

The Jacksons TV Show (L-R Jackie Jackson, Michael Jackson, Tito Jackson, Marlon Jackson, Randy Jackson, La Toya Jackson, Rebbie Jackson, and Janet Jackson)

“I want purity, I must have it here right now”

Michael Jackson by annie leibovitz Very different kind of guy but he had talent

Motown 25 - yesterday, today and forever...I will never forget watching this live and being totally blown away by MJ's first moonwalk.