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Doctor Who "the Woman who Lived"- Peter Capaldi w/ the sonic sunglasses

The new doctor - He was fab in the Thick of It. If you haven't watched it, do check it out.

Peter Capaldi, the new doctor (twelfth). In the movie World War Z, Peter Capaldi played a W.

Over the course of the hour, Capaldi expertly moves through a vast emotional spectrum. Where he is at his most impactful, however, is in the quieter moments: The way his face falls when he addresses Clara, only to realize she’s not beside him.

*Saddest moment: Celebrating his victory in telepathically opening the wooden door, the Doctor begins to explain, “See, Clara . ,” before remembering that she is dead. The look on his face is crushing.

Tick-Tock. This is honestly the most haunting song to sing, even if you don't watch the show.

The full nursery rhyme that has appeared thruought series 6 of doctor who. Sorry its so long :/ Here are the full lyrics: Tick tock goes the clock And what now shall we play? Tick tock goes the clo.

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Fluffiness with Fingerness got to love them both.

The Doctor (Peter Capaldi), complete with sonic sunglasses and a new gizmo. (Credit: BBC)

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I hate the glasses so glad he's got a screwdriver now

Sonic sunglasses are not ok. You can't change such a powerful tradition. <--- I think we all agree!