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Purple Christmas, Lilacs


☆ Blessed be the Night - Deatil Art- By Artist Lindsay Coffman ☆ Witch Kitty

Black witch cat

Gothic Top~Pagan Cat & Pentagram Highneck Long Sleeve Top~Fair Trade By Folio Gothic Hippy~153222

A purple, mystic unicorn. I think unicorns are real, but this is the most beauteous one I've laid eyes on. I think she totally deserves to be on this Mystic Tiger board of mine. She's really cool and really pretty and I hope everyone will pin her because I cannot keep her to myself. I need to share the magic. The magic of the beautiful purple unicorn. See you soon! Bye <3!

This is not a mythical unicorn - look at the eyes. Infinite kindness, infinite wisdom, infinite sorrow and infinite purpose.


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luv the colours

All things purple the color purple is a passion color so lets see all the purple things.

Tiger facebook.com

Tigers and butterflies. My two favorite animals and my favorite color!

Purple Tiger

Cats awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome why cant there really be purple tigers lol