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Easy Craft Room Organization Ideas

Listen guys. I took art classes for many, many years. I know all you really need in the paint department is red, yellow blue, black and white. That’s it. you can make whatever color you want or could need. BUT sometimes it’s just so much nicer to need a coral paint color…and grab a coral …

Paint storage and organization roundup

Spice rack becomes button rack.  perfect for craft organizing...

Good idea for button storage! A rotating spice rack for small craft and office supples. I picture myself never searching for a safety pin, paper clip, small highlighter, etc. Everything is right at your fingertips.

Great Craft Room Organization! - Helpful tips and tricks for making the most out of a small craft space - Two More Minutes #craftroom

My Small but Efficient Craft Room

Cuarto de manualidades  so awesome and nice baskets

A nicely organized craft room using baskets and this would work for my laundry room also.

We recently made over our front room into the craft room and I love having this space and keeping it beautiful so I can craft whenever I want! Here are just a few tips to help you organize your craft room...

7 Tips for Organizing your Craft Room

If you DIY then you know that crafting space is a premium commodity that you cannot waste! You will put every inch of surface space to use, and still wish for more! Being organized really makes the diff

pegboard crafts

Extra Large Pegboard for Craft Room Organization

Extra Large Pegboard Craft Room Organization - I Love This Pegboard Idea How she Put the Frame around the board as well! She doesn't have a designated craft room but an extra large LR so she devoted a corner of her LR for her craft area - Great idea whe