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Full of shoes

bucket list: have a closet full of shoes. mean the closet. Have the shoes.

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Bucket list: Move out on my own. (Done)


visit mall of america with my best friends and alot of money!

Yes please

Own A Horse. It has always been a lifelong dream to own a horse, I remember when I won on a scratch ticket I almost got a horse, instead wisely used it as a down payment on a home. :( One day, I WILL OWN A HORSE!

Scary, but exciting.

Before I die bucket list bucket-list Ride a subway in New York - [✔]

I need to do this!

Go on the sky deck in Chicago - I dunno why I put this in my bucket list considering I'm terrified of heights

Bucket List - sit front row at a concert!

sit front row in a concert.preferably a Luke Bryan one :)

Go on a no-budget shopping spree. What girl wouldn't?

May be on our bucket lists... but most of us are probably not going to get to see the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in person. And just as surely, though we can't see the parade in person, most of us could somehow find the time to sit down and watch the parade on TV with our kids...and make memories that will last a lifetime.

[ ] walk in the Macy's Day parade. I watch it every Thanksgiving morning while cooking. ✔️ - was the pre-parade participant at the Emily Day parade. It's a start ♥️

I want to be that goddie house.


Decorate my house with tons of Christmas lights. - Even more lights than on the Christmas Vacation house.

I loved this showw

I have a fear of bridges but for some odd reason I have always wanted to cross the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco.so while I'm there I'll pay a visit to the "Full House" house.

Bucket list: Be to New York on New Year's Eve

Watch the ball drop in Times Square. (Can't say I want to be in that crowd in Times Square, but I'd love to be somewhere close enough to watch in person.

Visit Abbey road and recreate the Beatles cover

visit abbey road and recreate the beatles cover.i just want to visit abbey road

Before I die.

Go to a real fashion show at NYC Fashion Week.

karDASHian. Can't help it - everyone has their guilty pleasures and the kardashians are mine lol

Shop at Dash.When one of the Kardashians are there :)

I do that sometimes already, it's just not the entire day

50 Things to Do this Summer: spend an entire day watching disney movies