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I swear if I ever meet Louis Tomlinson And he's wearing socks I'm going to kill everything

Louis Tomlinson, One Direction

(larry) المهمه 1500

Louis!!!!!!!!!! Te amo bebé sos el único amor de mi vida hasta el día que me muera!! Mi debilidad perras!! ❤❤❤

Louis' birthday is coming up and we're getting ready on RP! Click through on the pin to create a birthday note to Louis. We'll share it to him on the Dec. Thanks guys :)

Louis playing how to save a life on the piano.. what? crying? no not me

Louis Tomlinson playing the piano. Even though I love wild and crazy Lou, this will be my favourite. He is so calm and laid back and it almost seems like playing the piano is soothing to him. Like it does me.

Louis Tomlinson

tommo, lou, louis tomlinson, one direction, .xx<<<< The love of my life :) ♥♡