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Some amazing illumination work by a talented young Turkish artist, Dilara Yarci. Dilara has been studying illumination since 2005 in a Fine Arts University in Istanbul. ‘I am from Izmir but live in.

6ab547dfde531b65de97c32f2e9efb24.jpg 640×853 piksel

6ab547dfde531b65de97c32f2e9efb24.jpg 640×853 piksel

Dilara Yarci - Master illuminator - Istanbul

Dilara Yarcı - Tezhip (Border of an Islamic mandela motif)


Minbar (pulpit) formerly in the Qutubia mosque. From Cordoba, Spain, 1137, Almoravid period. Detail of the marquetry on the sides of the minbar. Cedar wood, ebony and ivory, H:3,86 m

1137 AD Cedar, ebony and ivory marquetry detail of a Minbar ( pulpit) formerly in the Kutubiyya mosque Cordoba, Spain, Almoravid period.