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Fuck You

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True American power at its' best:  The Evolution of the American Muscle Car

The Evolution of American Muscle: A Look at Three Pony Car Icons Infographic

If I won the lottery

I love dishing it out. Trust me. But I can't handle it. I come back even worse. I have a Great sense of humor. I laugh at everything.


Music Lessons - Learn To Play An Instrument Online with a LIVE Teacher

Funny pictures about Three Moods. Oh, and cool pics about Three Moods. Also, Three Moods photos.


Seen them numerous times.

Bringin' All of My Friends

"Thunder Rolls" by Overscene added to Discovering playlist on Spotify

the beatles. by polly

No time for fussing and fighting - The Beatles, via music philosophy

I like a lot of types of music, so this is quite true

my metal problem. people always think metal loving people are in satanic cults.

Polar Bear by Nagual

Polar Bear

Another logo showcase, but this time on Bear Logos! Here are 25 hand picked logos that we think look awesome.

1968 Charger in "BULLITT"   One of your father's favorites and very famous car chase scenes.

Car, Auto & Vehicle News

Bad guys in the Charger, from the most famous car chase ever: Bullitt .hurts my heart when this car explodes, ugh those stupid bad guys need to learn to drive better!

OK, so I hate YouTube. But I love Blind Melon. (Mouthful of Cavities)

Shannon - Mouth full of cavities/Blind Melon - harmonies are my favorite!

You can like metal AND rock music.

Are you a metalhead or are you into heavy metal music? We will give you the most relatable problems.

And George proved him wrong. HAPPY BIRTHDAY (2/25/43), MY SWEET GEORGE! <3

You tell em George


Metallica, designed by James Hetfield.

Try my entire family. Every time I'm listening to metal, they make fun of me by pretending to head bang. I know they're just messing around, but it still pisses me off.

Or when people think its funny to call you goth or emo , because no one in the town you live in knows the difference between "Rocker" "Metalhead" "Emo" or "Goth"