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This interview will show you how to make money by becoming a voice over actor. Maybe voice acting will be your next career choice?

How To Become A Voice Over Actor - Start Voice Acting Today!

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'Red and green should never be seen.' poor Wicked Witch of the West she was only trying to get her sister's shoes back what Dorothy nicked.

The 7 Best Microphone Pop Filters for Recording Vocals http://ehomerecordingstudio.com/vocal-recording-pop-filter/

The 7 Best Microphone Pop Filters for Recording Vocals. It blocks those ugly “plosives” and keeps singers from spitting all over your vocal mic. So naturally you assume that all pop filters are the same.

5 top tips for training your voice as an actor or singer. This clearly gives five of the basic key points to think about, and explains why they are needed in a simple and concise way.

How to train your voice. In college I got A's in both piano, guitar, music jazz history, and history of rock and roll. Soon ear training and voice will be in my future. "Miss Tress" LOL!

Voice Over jobs are one of the many work from home opportunities that most of us know very little about. Three artists share their experiences and tips.

The Inside Scoop on Voice Over Jobs from Home

How to Get Into Voice Over Work

More voice over opportunities of different kinds appear, and I am successful in my pursuit of finding and doing splendid in voiceover work. I find joy, as do my fans in my voices and characters.