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quote:"The truth is, a moral compass can only point you in the right direction"...Gil Grissom

19 Signs You've Seen Too Much "CSI"

And you know that on CSI: Las Vegas, the acronym “GSR” has TWO meanings. | 19 Signs You've Seen Too Much "CSI"

CSI--The first one was the best one! I miss the original group

Csi(Miami),Csi(Las Vegas) & Csi(New York)


CSI Losing Its Main Man

William Petersen as Gill Grissom from CSI

Not 100% sure why I'm still watching this...but I have to admit that Ted Danson's a great addition.

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CSI - Grissom/Ecklie Co-workers #1: They drove each other up the wall. - Page 2 - Fan Forum

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