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I think the funniest thing is that I have this text post saved somewhere xD

AHAHHHHHHHHH! Refill all of the things!!!!

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The best super power ever. minus the bed thing. but otherwise I literally looked just like this girl

She should’ve done a bit more research

A girl at church came up to me while I was talking to my boyfriend once and says "ooh you like him don't you" and he responded with "gosh I hope so or else this is totally one-sided" <<< these are so funny

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If Anne hath a will, Anne hath a way // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

I will honestly do this to my future children

I'm doing this some day only with Irish accent hahha <<< I have British genes, but my parents don't. So I'm stuck with this sarcastic British accent and a deep voice coming from a kid that's a foot shorter than you.

We had a version of this in college, and I was TERRIBLE at it. I kept forgetting we were playing!!

Murder Time Game at College---this reminds me of something my high school does. We call it assassin.

Funny tumblr post

▪Imagine of this is how you meet the love of your life▪