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Calling all Whovians! Here are over 60 tattoos that are filled with references and gorgeous art that would please any Time Lord. From gorgeous Tardis art to the Gallifreyan alphabet, these tattoos will inspire any Doctor Who fan to proclaim their love to one of the most iconic science fiction shows...

shewhohangsoutincemeteries: FireflyFacts 60/98 | Cast and Characters “Summer Glau had appeared in the Angel episode WAITING IN THE WINGS as the Prima Ballerina. Joss Whedon remembered her from this and contacted her about the part of River Tam.”

Hell's Angels (Hank Janson Series #6) (Gold Star IL7-16) 1965 AUTHOR: Hank Janson ARTIST: Robert Maguire

CoolVibe - Digital Art, Wallpapers, Inspiration | Page 60 of 609Coolvibe – Digital Art | Digital Art gallery, featured artists and wallpapers. Updated daily.

Tune In Tokyo-Taos Calling Radio, J-Pop/Rock Mix up. #60 Part 2. Podcast Mostly all female bands. 1. Avocado / Yonige 2. Soon Fiction / Purumoraito (jellyfish of light) 3. Glider / the Peggies 4. Mr Pannier Explosion / Tricot 5. KAKUMEI / Silent Siren 6. Run to the Future / Cyntia 7. Before Yesterday / Band-Maid 8. Crow Song / LiSA-Girls Dead

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