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fitting this looks like Napoleonic insanity. Marx talked often about "capitalism" when he knowingly was talking about the worst aspects of feudalism i.e. exploitive guilds, castes, unions, restraint of work in professsions. Capitalism of course created the free world, widespread education, etc. Something now eliminated by "Conmmunity"(i.e.Communist)propaganda & all its lies. Marx calling it capitalism (i.e.the worst aspects of feudalism) a ploy.

"Mimetic Desire" horrid thing about the dykes and other Totalitarian sex-hater types,is that their desire is(truly)to destroy that which is desired by the other. i.e.free-minded,intelligent, thinking women for instance. they also(oft statedly)hate life (itself),pleasure,progress, all forms of beauty... Christian-types are real vile cowardly Communists. that's not really mimetic desire,but an imitation of the envied, in order to destroy all that is good. OneWorlders/Totaltarians "acting…

Targets the vulnerable/impressionable. promotes homosexual exclusivity, as opposed to e.g. a part of child-development for many (as expressed in many informed, non-Communist manuals) #ChildMolestor #ChickenHawk #LesboCult #HomoCult #Diddlers

[ Pierre Trudeau. An actual card-carrying Communist during his Jesuit "education" years throughout Europe. Operative during same years as Quaker Nixon. Catholic leaders (insane psychopaths) live as Communists openly (if'n yer so zombied-out to fail to have noticed - today though most such are "secular" and their Communism doesn't usually include "sharing" the same area - still though, of course, anti-hetero/anti-life/cowardly anti-Western filth) ]

▶ Highko - Sonic Bombardment-DPsyV - /* during the period the US had as their chief propogandist notorious Communist Barbara Frum's son, they used notorious Totalitarian Communist group The Clash's song "Rock the Casbah" as a Sonic Bombardment tool... against "the infidel." ie. whilst supporting notorious Communist heterosex haters like Christians on their homefront. Communists (like Americans) = stupid & crazy */

[ Catholic (Totalitarian) Mayor "Syndrome" ]

Bakunin. once a keeper of serfs, who could not resort to a central government or any sort of legal system, he couldn't stand to see that style of slavery eliminated. and so set up and advocated misrule by the whims of bullies, group bullies. i.e. the exact serf system he had always been a part of.He a Communist antifreedom antiprogress scum. idiot punks of recent times oft embrace anarchism thinking it freedom and rebellion and then soon are brainwashed to the Communist ways.

And he is the liar in chief.

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