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Ross-shire EGS & Laminitis fun show photography comp.

snopes.com: Horse Spells 'Horse'  Still want to get me Photoshop? ;-) hehe It is so cool how they do this stuff. I wonder if I could even figure out how to work it! lol @Lauren Davis

Recognize him? He's been all over the internet he's the horse who spells " horse". turns out the owner sent the picture in for a contest won the bottom pic is all fake. The owner digitally altered it and sent it away. Still a beautiful horse!

A small band of Nokota horses, showing several common colors of the breed

Nokota Horse Stud Band - Nokota horse - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Just The Right Horse American Saddlebred Farm - Spotz Magestic

A top level American Saddlebred breeder that specializes in Pinto saddlebreds for shows,driving, pleasure riding


Tiger Horse (Can exhibit various ambling gaits, and has a coat pattern much like an Appaloosa)wow I would have sworn this was an Appaloosa , boy do I have a lot to learn! I LOVE ALL SPOTTED HORSES✨✨