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To know what you don't know > 8fact!

These unknown signals were first discovered by Nicola Tesla. He was thoroughly convinced that he was listening to aliens.


“ glenn-griffon: “ demnewswire: “ President Obama has achieved incredible progress for the United States. ” Just imagine what he could have accomplished if the republicans had let him do.

Standing Up

Feminism is not hating men but fighting for true gender equality. Black lives matter is fighting for black equality, not black supremacy.

Ohhhh My - If you Don't know History, it can be REPEATED!

How religion and propaganda are used to keep voters captive to the greedy ideology of corrupt corporations and their paid, political puppets

What will you do when they come after your voting rights?   #UniteBlue    @deja1422 @brandi_e_hudson @TammaraMaiden1

Pat Fuller Ω 🇺🇸❄🖖 on

SHARE IF YOU'RE OUTRAGED that after losing two national elections, Republicans are aggressively limiting voting in every swing state under their control through new Jim Crow-style laws that target minorities and the poor.

Dem dere ar Guv'mint jobs y'all. We'z wants privy sektor jobs, ya'know the kinds dat dont pay nuthin, with no bennyfitz, no dam union. So a man kin feel manly workin' a 12 hour day fer next to nuthin'

“How dare Republicans call themselves or their policies job creators. The facts are clear