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10 Unbelievable (Yet Real) X-Rays That Might Shock You -

Funny pictures about Some of the most bizarre X-Rays. Oh, and cool pics about Some of the most bizarre X-Rays. Also, Some of the most bizarre X-Rays.

X-Ray Printable Cards. Matching to body parts is such a cute idea for a toddler! And using them for make believe could be fun for a bigger kid!

X-ray printables so kids can play match to their body parts. Would be perfect for a dramatic play doctor area!

Life hacks!  Life lessons that can help us all.

The one about the fly is true! I discovered it accidentally once in a fit of rage. I need to try the spider one. I'm terrified of spiders ( but yet I love Spider-Man).

#Arrow 3x11 "Midnight City" - Felicity and Ray

"Midnight City" - Felicity and Ray.funny << But i still ship Olicity