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This is amazing, and with all my fandoms, but I have to say that the Driver's Ed teacher is the best.

"Where is this school? I would like to enrol please." (from FB Doctor Who and the T.

Hunger Games is a rebound but it comes pretty close :P  i have yet to read Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices but i might just have to now...

Never read the Hunger Games, never heart of The Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices, but Twilight was definitely a drunken one-night stand, figuratively speaking. Nailed it exactly, haha.

All except Harry Potter and mortal instruments

Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus, Harry Potter (just started the last book today. wish me luck with the Post-Potter Depression, guys!) Hunger Games, Divergent, and I will soon start City of Bones.

Don't be ridiculous, I'm not drowning my misery in ice cream... chocolate is way better

who would be so lame as to do that? *more nervous laughter*>> pfft! Who even does this like really *nervous laughter*>>>>not me of course *sweats*

Thank you so much TMI fandom!

To fandoms. To craziness. To fanwarriors. To everything thst makes us even more amazing than those Mortal Muggle Pansycakes.

Fangirling contract. (NOTE: All girls who love Leo [hey, he's Hot Stuff. Get it? Hehehe] I would recommend either getting over him or moving to a different galaxy where you'll be safe. Just a note.)

Fangirl contract how perfect is this contract? I happily honor it and am proud to say I have "made friends with other fangirls.Finally, I promise to love my fellow fangirls, because they are the only ones who understand me." love you D.

Here it comes. I mean this is the last book in the Percy Jackson series. There will be blood.

*whispers* *dramatic music* Deathly Hallows, City of Heavenly Fire, Mockingjay, Allegiant.

hahahaha sums up my life pretty well

Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch, and pretty much any other actor who is British