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Fan kdramas. I like talking english with others.This is also blog about: THG  trilogy, Bellarke, Bonkai, Kolvina, polish soccer.

dragon pattern for pyrography... wood burning

Smartphone Occult Ritual

dragon woodburning/pyrography by Greg Cook |

Not sure about this one, but maybe a dragon that has a disease that lets its mouth get burned by its own fire

I collect - Pyrography dragons, castles, knights, wizards

Her kingdom was burning and it was her fathers fault. She stared in horror as the flames grew and screams of people filled the smokey,crackling air. Her loved one was down there.And he was dying.The only thing she had left was dying.

Wonder Woman: She’s not just a warrior. She is a dragon. And she is not afraid to burn your heaven to the ground. — death would be kinder than her touch

Hand Element: FireBall #2 by on @deviantART