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Nothing gets you in the holiday spirit like a Barad-Dur gingerbread house.

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OH GOSH. I can't explain my feelings, its so ridiculous! I love the one with Legolas falling backwards off the bike.

A great joke AND a full Numenorian bloodline? AWESOME.

And then Aragorn epically forgot Legolas' father name when introduced him.

I dont like the cussing, but that is so funny!and awesome. and true! BILL THE PONY FOR PRESIDENT OF MIDDLE EARTH

Horses of Middle Earth. And Bill the pony, for president of Middle Earth. Apologies for the language

The thing is that the elves where given immortality, where as Davie Jones and Voldamort took it for themselves.

I saw that first picture and IMMEDIATELY thought of Elves! ~ made by Samantha Morton. / Lord of the Rings / The Hobbit / Elves / Tolkien / Humor / Galadriel / Thranduil / Legolas / Gil-galad / Elrond

This is funny, but Sauron only created his palantir.

Funny Lord of the Rings: Sauron, The Misunderstood Hero of Middle Earth<<<<<this is the best thing ever.