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One Direction Imagines I wouldn't care @Hannah Mestel Schauer  @Sam McHardy Modesitt @Tina Vermeylen beri @Judith Zissman Jessup

One Direction Imagines:harry-knock knock Y/n-not now harry Harry-come on y/n Y/n-fine. who's there Harry-me Y/n- me who Harry-marry me Awhhh

I better find Harry freaking Styles on my 21st birthday in 6 years

I'm saying yes to anyone that wants to date me now if he's a total nerd. If he thinks he's bad a** and isn't a good kid, no. But a nerd, yeah :)

One Direction Imagines OMG look at Niall's face LOL<<  cant stop laughing.. sweet imagine, but niall like.... OOMMMMMMG

One Direction Imagines OMG look at Niall's face LOL<< cant stop laughing. sweet imagine, but niall like. OOMMMMMMG Look at Hazza's face!

One Direction Imagines

This is the one I was telling you about in goroka that's soooo me! Cause I freak out about stupid things haha j.m Rice Davison Davison Copley

One Direction Imagines. Looks like he's mowing flowers to me

One Direction Imagines. Looks like hes mowing flowers to me Check out the website to see how I lost 20 pounds last month

this is my favorite harry imagine if you go on google and go to images type in one direction imagines harry styles you will get tones of them

Okay then, not really this is appropriate. But it's kinda cute how protective Harry is getting.