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lolz online - Looks Like Someone's Been Lucky With The Ladies

Dwight Schrute Cat I want this kitty!!!

Dwight Schrute Cat by nick. Little Fun - all about humor and fun!


Hamster: Lets do this thing bitch! Me: aww poor little hamster are you ok? you shouldn't be eating like that :) *takes cookie away* *hamster dies* Me: O_O.*walks away and eats cookie*

Should you choose th accept doing this evil thing

Best prank ever.I would hate to be on the receiving end - I would be soooo freaked out<<<<< this just got added to my bucket list.

Yellowstone National Park Animals | ... Pics Capture Grizzly Chasing Bison in Yellowstone Park | TheBlaze.com

Not a runner? Now you are. Next time I need motivation I'll just picture this bear on my

Loool this dog doesn't seem to like white water rafting..............

I've made a huge mistake

The Cheez-it Game...How many Cheez its can you place on the cat before it wakes up? LOL!!! My daughter, Nayalie, and I used to put Bologna in my son's, Travis' pockets when he was asleep on the floor...and let our 2 cats wake HIM up!

A fun game to play is to see how many cheezits you can get on a cat before it wakes up.

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One, Two, Three, BREATHE. He's dead Jim. Two mice (the animal). One trying to give CPR to a computer mouse.