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One word: laundry. | 30 Awkward Moments Every Short Girl Understands

30 Awkward Moments Every Short Girl Understands

Funny pictures about Short People Understand. Oh, and cool pics about Short People Understand. Also, Short People Understand photos.

not sure if I do this because I'm short or because of ballet... maybe it's just a good thing I did ballet so I can jump properly haha


Short girl problems- I can totally relate

Can't Reach It Don't Need It | Tee

Short girl problems- I can totally relate.dnt have short girl problems, I just like the shirt!

My sentiments on maxi dresses exactly.

Things We Saw Today: Your Next Con Shoes

Short Girl Problems… I'm and I consider myself average height, but I run into this problem all the time! WTF is up with crazy long maxi dresses?>>>>> Forget a maxi skirt too

Almost everything is true, but not the shoe and sometimes clothing size.  However, I can fit into a shirt I got in the 5th grade.  Granted, it was too big for me in the 5th grade, but it still fits :)

Short People Problem Being the same height, shoe and clothing size for the rest of your life, since you were in grade.