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Lol! Loved watching this episode! I didn't expect Raven to dress up as Robin too!

YESSSS THIS EPISODE xD xD I love how he didn't question why they were wearing his stuff and just went with it.

Bats is more than a billionaire with cool gadgets. He cares. More people need to know that.

"Hi, Clair. I’d like to come in and talk with you." Batman dealing with an abused child. The grim Dark Knight befriends and comforts a poor child in need of justice.

Lol I really love this episode. It's funny how Cyborg ruins everything in a funny way ;) I WANT TO PLAY STANKBALL SO BAD!!!

Oh gosh i always get mad at this post why did cyborg have to run it. i think he did it on purpose cuz he is a loner

Awww!!! Awww!!! Awww!!! My hawt is going into overload... Beast Boy and Raven!!!

B: "It's okay, I won't let them hurt you anymore" R: "T-Thank you, Beast Boy" *sobs hugging him*・I love this

BBrae love

part 4 of the same mini-series akjsdhflkajhdsglkha Something about beastboy calling raven "babe" gets to me x////x; this part was a lot of fun to draw XDDDDD fjhlkdjhaldsjhfffffffffff hope you have.