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Adopted Kitten and Pet Rat Become Instant Best Friends - Love Meow

Love is what it's all about.  If you like Marty, please join him on Facebook!  https://www.facebook.com/martymousetherat

"Sometimes, the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.

I finally found the source page ^o^ . / Rats adorably protesting against common rat misconceptions. (karasratworld.tumblr.com)

An Adorable Campaign For Rats As Pets - I used to say ew! Then I fell in love. Best pets ever!

My rat sometimes do the same thing. I just love this "Face Palm" way of sleep :D  My two lovable Gerbils will sleep like this too and I think it is so fun to watch them.

I love rat balls! at least this kind, not the draggy kind :P

Two Rats Sympathy

Two Rats Sympathy

A card for the rat lover created by Drusilla of the Illustrated Rat.

Hey guys. What's up? I decided to make a new board called Dear Diary. I'm just gonna post stuff that happens to me and stuff. If you'd like an invite to this board just ask, k? So basically, I found out that there are rats in my house! We're going to take care of it though.

" Did you know that domestic rats are NOT like drain pipe or sewer rats? They clean, intelligent and can even be taught to play rattie basketball on a rat size court, of course - lol.