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明代圆领袍 肩上带子为霞帔 霞帔是一种帔子,它的形状象两条彩练,绕过头颈,披挂在胸前,下垂一颗金玉坠子。 | Simple Happiness, Jiabang Guizhou China | 贵州-加榜-祖孙乐 A little girl playing with a little boy on the back of his grandmother. Shot in Jiabang township, Congjiang county, Guizhou province of China. © All rights reserved. You may not use this photo in website, blog or any other media without my explicit permission.

1370ADM - Ming Dynasty Clothing. Costume in the Ming Dynasty was decorated with various striking adornments made of gold, jade and pearl, etc. A special adornment was a golden chain hung with nipper, toothpick, ear pick and small knife, articles that were often used by women in their daily life.

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