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best fridge ever!

This is what I want my kitchen to sort of look like. TARDIS fridge with white cupboards but I want the center of the cupboards to be frosted glass.

AHHHHH!!!  I need this!!!!

Home made TARDIS shadow box to hold Doctor Who figures << no tutorial, just the idea to diy.

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Tardis-es coat hook so cool, this reminds me The Doctor never used the coat rack in the TARDIS.

Cool Wall Door Stickers – Murals 8

10 Cool Wall Door Stickers – Murals

Father’s day gift: Wall Door STICKER Tardis Doctor Dr Who Police box movie poster, mural, decole, film Cm)

Haha! Awesome!

In case of emergency: Sonic screwdriver and psychic paper. Preferable to a fire extinguisher any day. I 'd probably break this before there ever was an emergency

Doctor Who TARDIS Projection Alarm Clock

Doctor Who TARDIS Projection Alarm Clock

buy Doctor Who Tardis Projection Alarm Clock on sale at Urban Collector. Imported from the UK! The Doctor Who TARDIS Projection Alarm Clock projects the time and the Doctor

All Of The Doctors Sonic Screwdrivers | Sonic Screwdrivers I'm going to get all of these one day. Eleven's screwdrivers :)

Sonic Screwdrivers

Sonic screwdriver collection, plus fob watch and TARDIS key!

Saving people, hunting things, the family business

I need logs of blue legos! Lego Doctor Who Police Box .(previously "Dr.Who Phone Booth") oh the awesomenesses of this! :) [be sure to make any corrections needed before pinning anything, otherwise you may get comments like the ones below.

When Tink Meets The TARDIS

BEST THING EVER! 10 Disney Heroines Chosen To Be "Doctor Who" Companions. Even the ladies of Disney can’t resist the call of a mad man in blue box. Artist Karen Hallion mostly leaves which Doctor to your imagination.

Doctor Who, The First Week | Brickset: LEGO set guide and database

Doctor Who, The First Week

LEGO TARDIS - Doctor Who I will totally buy one of these of they actually come out with it! If LEGO was smart they would

Ink Splotch TARDIS -Phone lock screen

Tardis Doctor Who art iPhone 4 Case iPhone ipod touch 4 5 Case Samsung Galaxy case note 2 3 hard case cover