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Young man who knows the importance of people and first impressions. Oh, my heart!

25 Walmart Humor Pictures

25 Walmart Humor Pictures #Walmart humor #Humor Pictures

"My brother is a single father of 2.His daughter just had her first sleep over with her friends.One of them started their period and my brother freaked out and rushed them all to the hospital. "

Top 30 Clean Humor Quotes

Top 30 Clean Humor Quotes #clean humor #Funny quotes

Funny Pictures You're Going To Love

40 Funny Pictures You’re Going To Love

"My sister got hospitalized by falling off her horse today. I asked the doctor how she was. He said her condition was "Stable". Oh how I laughed."

This sounds like something my cat would do.

Top 28 Funny Quotes

Top 28 Funny Quotes #Funny Quotes #Humor

27 Tumblr Posts That Will Make You Laugh At Least Once, I Promise

Learn to laugh again.