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Reminds me of Cress by Marissa Meyer!

Wallpaper of the concept art Flynn climbing Rapunzel’s hair to the top of her tower i from the Disney CG animated movie Tangled

Mulan = Reality hahahaha>>Seriously though...

Funny pictures about Poor Mulan. Oh, and cool pics about Poor Mulan. Also, Poor Mulan.

HAHA! Ratcliffe is SO close to Radcliffe, which is Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe)'s last name.

Disney Villain Perfumes By Ruby Spark. I love the captan hook one and maleficent I love the evil queen one to though ! Disney should make them ! I would decently buy them

Tangled Tower - (+ Step-by-Step) by crystal-89.deviantart.com on @deviantART  I did a remake of this and it turned out pretty well

Step-by-Step: [link] This was just a quick sketch that I played around with in GIMP. Was it obvious that I may be in love with this movie? Tangled Tower - (+ Step-by-Step)

Disney Princesses in their native royal jewellery.

10 Disney Princesses With Their Royal Jewels… My faves are Elsa, Ariel and Merida.

Disney posters

Minimalist Disney Movie Posters-my favorites are Lion King and the Jungle Book I think. Well I love all of them :D

All the children of Disney

Funny pictures about Disney Happily Ever Afters: What Happened Next. Oh, and cool pics about Disney Happily Ever Afters: What Happened Next. Also, Disney Happily Ever Afters: What Happened Next.