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My family has been farming in Virginia since forever and though I am not a farmer, both of my cousins are and I couldn't be prouder of them!! This one if for Joan & Julie, Uncle JW, Granddaddy and those who came before...

Hahah true, but it always annoys me when women do this in action movies, and I mean like a lot. I always make a point to wear flat shoes with dresses ;)

Thus listing is for two signs that are about farming. One is the So God Made A Farmers Wife and the other is Growing Up on a Farm. By purchasing

Heres a fun sign for those ladies involved with livestock!!! THESE CAN ALSO BE SCREENED ON A T-SHIRT - JUST ASK!!!!A great gift idea for your

So, God Made a Farmer. This is my Dad, this is my brother, this is my husband....Love, Love, Love this. Paul Harvey said it best!

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Well it is the answer to EVERYTHING! I don't think I could live without it!! I have a whole spool of it in the bed of my truck and I use it erry day! It is a life saver! I love it

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