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Good morning, Lord. Reveal what we are afraid of

Thank You for some of the harsh realities in the world. People have fenced up things that would never have been so guarded. We have also put up protection an.

Good morning, Lord. Shadows

Good morning, Lord. Shadows

Good morning, Lord. Love our youth / young growth

Love our youth / young growth

Good morning, Lord Holy Spirit, Reveal Your love

Father, I remember, when I was much younger, setting up a table to celebrate your life and death. It was as though You came in and the Holy Spirit drew so cl.

Good morning, Lord A foundation on which many gather

I love the concept that three churches worship You on this one foundation. Bless all those who seek after truth. Lord draw them all to You and enable us all .

Good morning, Lord  Different perspective in our dryness

Good morning, Lord Different perspective in our dryness

Good morning, Lord Wow the light pierces

The light can reach the darkest shadows. The darkest moments of depression, suicidal temptation, fear.

Good morning, Lord. Grumbling. Conflict.

Lord, we grumble, have conflict, set our boundaries yet we don't appreciate Your unlimited love for us in a huge universe.

Good morning, Lord.  Being kind to one another

We know we are fully accepted, unconditionally loved.

Good morning, Lord.

Stronger roots make significant shifts

Good morning, Lord. Blurred yet beautiful reflections

Father, I wonder if our testimony isn't somewhat like these beautiful, yet blurred, reflections! It is through You that we have been cleansed and are reflect.

Good morning, Lord Give us a Word for today.

Thank You again that although so steps may be clear before us, some of the terrain ahead may not be what we expected. So help us navigate, to find our way as.

Good morning, Lord. What do you think of me, Jesus?

Again it is so beautiful to find a beautiful spot in the quietness of nature. To have the chance to say Good morning and to prepare for the day ahead knowing.