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35+ Pictures tells “Trust me I’m an Engineer”

Seeing all the ugly with my own eyes is all that worked. Even having seen some of it, I still doubt my own reality. I find that he did that good of a brainwash on me.

One of my most requested posts/Videos is about my travel wall and how I made it. So I thought I'd go through it today and tell you exactly how I did it, it is super easy! Trust me, I am not a rocket scientist and I can do it, so you definitely will be able to!

i will only listen to God, because i know that He will lead me to the best possible place, for He works unto the good of those who love Him!

I feel that it is my Pinterest duty to tell you that THIS is the only method that really works for transferring an image to wood that isn't absurdly difficult. Trust me, I did the legwork.