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OMG quidditch in pitch perfect how did I  miss this!

OMG quidditch in pitch perfect how did I miss this!

I love this so much you have know idea!!! Unless your a true banana minion or pitch perfect lover!!!

"You have Juice Pouches and ROCKY!" Pitch perfect perfect guy, i hope you are out there!

it's inevitable, pitch perfect

it's inevitable, pitch perfect

Some told me this song was original to this movie. No. No. Just. No. This song is from The Breakfast Club, you Uncultured Swine.

Why ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ Might Be Better Than the Original

"As you walk on by, will you call my name?" From film Pitch Perfect: Song: "Dont you forget about me" *Ill never forget about crying with 3 of my besties from laughter this movie. I literally near fell out of the movie theater seat. Aca-Believe it.

I watched this movie last nite for the first time.. Omg I love this movie I can watch it 3 times in a row


Pitch Perfect Fat Amy and Beca. i think we need a pitch perfect night.

.Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect, love this movie! more than i love food. and thats alot XD