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Nitra library, Slovakia

Nitra library, Slovakia

Detva town, Podpoľanie region, Central Slovakia.

Traditional costume from the town of Detva, Slovakia

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The Reading Room, John Rylands Library, Manchester. -whoever john rylands is, I'm about to go to England and marry his ass so I can use his library lol

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CURVED LINE DEF: Lines that make a space feel graceful. WHY: This rooms interior designs are bookshelves with curves and the support poles in the middle are round and curved as well as the ceiling.

Wish | Hidden Secret Passage Bookshelves

The secret door at St. If you aren't spending your money on a secret door inside of the bookcases, you're spending it very wrong. Idea-secret door in a book shelf that leads to a mini library

Chetham Library, Manchester, England

Chetham’s Library, Manchester, England: the oldest free public reference library in the United Kingdom. The library has been in continuous use since Image by Tom Jeffs.

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Thierry W. Despont said of the library he created in a Georgian Revival house, also of his making, in Toronto, Canada. The library’s baronial design, a riff on the domed hall of Palladio’s Villa Capra. Fabric by Brunscwig