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1. Foxy ,2. FNAF 2, 3. 1st game I haven't played and 2nd game I haven't even got past the first night -.-, 4. Probably New Chica cause that demon is evil, 5. Balloon Boy

Favorite: Golden Freddy FNAF 2 Night record in both games: FNAF 1 night 7 and FNAF 2 night 6 Bonnie FNAF 2 jumpscare Freddy FNAF 1 when he gets in your office before you are out of power

1.Foxy 2.toy Freddy  3. Golden Freddy from the first game 4. FNAF 1 5. Jeremy Fitzgerald  6. Phantom Foxy 7. LIMMMONS 8. Markiplier for sure 9. Barney.... Jk purple guy aka Vincent 10. Both cause I can't chose

1 Bonnie 2 Freddy 3 Mangle 4 FNAF 2 5 Jeremy 6 mangle 7 toast 8 Markiplier 9 Purple guy or Vincent or Dave same person 10 Withered

1. Bonnie 2. I don't have one 3. Phantom Chica 4. Fnaf 5. Mikey 6. Phantom Foxy 7. Toast 8. Markiplier 9. Purple Guy/Vincent 10. Withered Comment yours answers below!!!

Bonnie I don't have one Phantom Chica Fnaf Mikey Phantom Foxy Toast Markiplier Purple Guy/Vincent Withered <<< Marionette None All the ones from FNAF 4 FNAF 3 Mikey Phantom Marionette Toast Markiplier Purple Guy Withered Animatronics

Foxy 2.0 Reference by Greyowl22

Foxy 2.0 Reference by Greyowl22

Five Nights at Freddy's 2 You're my best friend Mangle and Old Foxy

Childhood vibes on this one xD yay I did it THE VIDEO (C) Scott Cawthon (C) Scott Cawthon You're my best friend Mangle and Old Foxy meme

Foxy 2.0 by TheNornOnTheGo on DeviantArt

game anime backpack double layer children Freddy Chica Foxy Bonnie School bags men custom made 1

wait so in fnaf 2 someone (forget there name) got fired on night 7 or 8 so is that how mangle why mangle is broken?it could of been before night 1 to 5 are played

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In FNaF 2 bite of 87 happened on night 6 causing Jeremy to get replaced on the night (forgot the guys name) and that caused the owners to believe the Foxy animatronics were to dangerous thats y in FNaF 1 foxy is out of order

{EEEING MAXIMIZES}  - five-nights-at-freddys Fan Art

five nights at freddy's fan art<<<this is literally my new all time favorite FNAF gif!

Thanks ww1.sinaimg.cn

how adorable this fox is - too bad I have to spend the whole trying to figure out the folds

I've tried this: This is a GREAT origami tutorial for a fox. It gets a little bit confusing, so I don't recommend it to total beginners, but ultimately it makes a cute origami fox that can stand up on its own.

fnaf 2 foxy | Tumblr

fnaf 2 foxy | Tumblr