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Explore Legislation Vote, 22 Democrats and more!

These are the 177 House members that voted against this legislation : VOTE THEM OUT!

the GOP declared a #WarOnWomen and have written State and Federal Legislation to enforce it. Legislation that regulates men's bodies zero. #GOPWarOnWomen Get out and VOTE them out of office. Every year, every election. NOT YOUR BODY, NOT YOUR LIFE, NOT YOUR BUSINESS!

Speaking as a devout Christian, this country was founded by atheists, agnostics, Free-masons and Christians. Freedom of religion was meant to extend to all beliefs. Separation of church and state was meant to make sure that the nation was not run and legislation would not be made by a single belief. They wanted us to have the freedom to CHOOSE!! American does not equal Christian.

New Audio Surfaces of Obama Defending Infanticide in Illinois---folks this man is for killing a child who is born alive from an abortion and yes it happens today! KILLING the child----

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Social Security is NOT an Entitlement!! We paid for these benefits all our work life, unlike illegals who paid nothing!!