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Time for an update: Gattensberg mod Day 2 scenarios I am currently working on the Battle of Gattensberg Day 2 sccenario's. If you missed Day 1 they are available in the main mod thre.

On 19th July 1940 Hitler promoted 12 of his generals to Field Marshal and appointed Hermann Göring as Reichsmarschall of the Greater German Reich. From left to right:     1. Keitel  2. von Rundstedt  3. von Bock  4. Göring  5. Hitler  6. Brauchitsch  7. Ritter von Leeb  8. List  9. von Kluge  10. von Witzleben  11. von Reichenau.   Luftwaffe Marshalls Milch, Sperrle and Kesselring not present.

On July 1940 Hitler promoted 12 of his generals to Field Marshal and…

The Meaning and Origin of These Rather Weird Sayings! Well I never knew that!

Funny Words And Quotes But Where Did They Come From?

A Poppy Is to Remember by Heather Patterson https://www.amazon.com/dp/0545999812/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_I1.BxbCVKGE5J

Storytime Standouts looks at a Remembrance Day resource for young children, A Poppy Is to Remember by Heather Patterson and Ron Lightburn

A Polish resistance fighter poses with a captured German MP 40 submachine gun. Warsaw, Poland. 20th of August 1944.

[Photo] Polish resistance fighter Roman Marchel posing with a captured MP 40 submachine gun during the Warsaw Uprising, Ciepla Street, Warsaw, Poland, 20 Aug 1944

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Belgium - Personnel of the Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, R. (L-R): L/Bdr.

Original color photographs of the D-Day invasion of Normandy during World War II. From British and American soldiers preparing for the invasion in England to German prisoners being marched through …

Chief of the Imperial General Staff Field Marshal Sir Alan Brooke, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and commander of the Army Group, Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery in Normandy on June 1944