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We can't die, we're dead inside. No death can touch the crooked young - Bring Me The Horizon

to me Oliver Sykes is crooked young. he is covered in tattoos, he is suicidal, he has a million problems, but he is still beautiful. and finally, he is starting to believe that. NO DEATH CAN TOUCH THE CROOKED YOUNG << true

Hey there

Metal may be crossing over into the mainstream like never before, but Bring Me The Horizon frontman Oliver Sykes tells us that the genre still has a way to go if it wants to shake the 'satan worshippers' tag.

Oliver Sykes <3 He is beautiful. ^-^

I ate 4 dinner rolls today, thought you should know

A Lot of people argue that BMTH went mainstream but honestly the pure emotion and feeling is still there you can hear it in the music

Im going to a BMTH concert this friday March 11 Same day of my birthday So happy!

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Oli Sykes