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Manjushree India Black – Full Leaf Tea Company A fine Assam Black tea with light golden tips. Beautiful to look at with a wonderful taste!

Black Rose

Black Rose – Full Leaf Tea Company A traditional China Black Tea infused with light, sweet flavors from rose petals Country of Origin: China

Blood Orange Black

Blood Orange Black – Full Leaf Tea Company Bold Indian Black tea is tossed with orange peel, rose hips, apple bits, safflowers, rose petals, and vanilla bringing fourth a flavorful cup reminiscent of a fresh squeezed blood orange. Country of Origin: India

Organic Assam (India)

Organic Assam (India) – Full Leaf Tea Company Certified Organic. This long leaf tea from India has golden tips to each leaf. This is a rich and bold black tea!

Grand Keemun – Full Leaf Tea Company An Excellent Black Tea from China! Beautiful leaves and a great taste.

Royal Golden Yunnan

Royal Golden Yunnan – Full Leaf Tea Company A wonderful Black Tea from China. Long golden tipped leaves steep to a smooth cup! Rich in aroma and excellent in taste! Exquisite!