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A normal adult human skeleton consists of 206 named bones (or 213 if each of the nine fused vertebrae of the sacrum and coccyx are counted as independent bones). The individual bones of the skeleton are connected by three types of joints, which differ in the type and amount of movement they allow. The human skeleton is divided functionally into an axial skeleton that supports the main body axis and an appendicular skeleton that supports the arms and legs.

Human skeleton English vocabulary lesson Human skeleton English lesson Human skeleton vocabulary How many bones in the human skeleton? There are 206 bones in the human body, but when babies are born they have around

Giant Femur found in 2011 - Smithosonian admits to the reality of Giants!!! After almost a century of censorship.

A US Supreme Court ruling has forced the Smithsonian institution to release classified papers dating from the early that proves the organization was involved in a major historical cover up of evidence showing giants human remains in the tens of …

This infographic guides you step by step through the process of suture. Find more articles related to cuts and bleeding here: http://insidefirstaid.com/bleeding #suture #bleeding #emt #ems #paramedic #doctor #medicine #nurse #surgery #bleeding #first #aid

This (infographic) guide runs you through an introduction to suturing before ou step-by-step through how & when to place 11 suturing techniques.

Chicken poop; we don't speak of it at the water cooler at work, but we do here in the chicken world because it is important to pay attention to the appearance of chickens' droppings as they can be one of the first signs of disease and illness.  *Advisory: graphic photos of droppings and anatomical dissections follow.*

What's the Scoop on Chicken Poop? The digestive system examined

we don't speak of it at the water cooler at work, but we do here in the chicken world because it is important. The appearance of chickens' droppings are often one of the first signs of disease and illness. It is not as important to memorize

Dysautonomia is a general term used to describe a breakdown, or failure of the autonomic nervous system.  The autonomic nervous system controls much of your involuntary functions. Symptoms are wide ranging and can include problems with the regulation of heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature and perspiration. Other symptoms include fatigue, lightheadedness, feeling faint or passing out (syncope), weakness and cognitive impairment.

The Autonomic Nervous System -- article, medical explanation & info Anatomical Structure of the System Transmission of Autonomic Stimuli Functions of the Autonomic Nervous Syst.

CELIA NKALA, VERTEBRA: stackable candle-holder; enameled porcelain.

Vertebra – Stackable candle-holder – Enameled porcelain / inches – Design : Celia Nkala - These are pretty cool, except most of our candles don't need holders :(

Vocal sensations in sopranos and tenors tracked through body.

How to Sing, While Only Slightly Overthinking It

Hard Enamel Anatomical heart & Brain Pin Brooches, a fun set of two, which do you follow your head or your heart...? I think you need a little bit of

Heart & Brain Enamel Pin Badges, Set of Two Pins, Brooches, Hard Enamel Pins, Romantic Gift, RockCakes, Brighton, UK

Heart & Brain Enamel Pin Badges, Lapel Pin Brooches, Set of Two pins, Red White Hard Enamel, Valentines Gift :)

Surface_projections_of_the_organs_of_the_trunk.png (1050×1680)

Thoracic and abdominal organs with vertebral levels (via Wikipedia File:Surface projections of the organs of the trunk.

A1c levels

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Feel-good food article: "Comfort, Redefined" -- what if eating feel-good food actually made you feel...good?

Why Indulging in Comfort Food Is Essential to Tranquility

Blood of Grape concept wine bottle with a striking form themed after a human heart. This product was designed by Constatin Bolimond and brings a new meaning to the devil's nectar.

Naming and design of the French wine BLOOD OF GRAPES goes from common and quite obvious associations. Wine is blood of grapes, heart is its .