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How Elegant do these cats look?!?

How do you combined elegance with environmentally friendly cat scratcher? Cat-on (Scratcher) has achieved that in their amazing ranges of cat scratchers. Cat-on is made

Cat Furniture, Furniture Ideas

I saw this over at Mousebreath  earlier in the week. I love it! This guy built his cat a TARDIS play house, how perfect is that?!           ...

DIY Kitty TARDIS Playhouse For Cats Who Love The Doctor. I don't think Shadow has an opinion about Doctor Who but I doooo!

28" Wall Mount Vertical Scratching Post by MountainCatTrees  $66

28" Wall Mount Vertical Scratching Post by MountainCatTrees $66

Winepine - unique storage for cat or towels or whatever

Flat 6 bottle wine box cat perch and like OMG! get some yourself some pawtastic adorable cat apparel!

Fantastic cardboard furniture for cats from cat-on.com. Made in Berlin.

Eko-Pets krabmeubels Cat-On

Make a magic carpet cat hammock for your kitty!

DIY magic carpet cat hammock

I made a cosy magic carpet hammock for our cat Ananas, right under our coffee table! He was hesitant to crawl in on the first day, but now it’s definitely his go-to cosy place.