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Cream STARLET Feather and Rhinestone Bridal Clutch Purse by Etsy seller MiaVonMinksWedding. Image by Kristin Vining Photography.

A NECKLACE OF TWELVE ROMAN RINGSTONES   CIRCA 1ST CENTURY B.C.-2ND CENTURY A.D.   Mounted together in a Victorian gold setting

12 Roman Ringstones circa century BC - century AD mounted together in a Victorian gold setting.

Pendant, 16th century  Probably Mexico  Crystal, enamel, gold, pearls, boxwood. The tiny boxwood carvings depict, on one side, Christ bearing the cross and, on the reverse, the Agony in the Garden, an angel appearing with the cross.

Geography: Formerly considered made in Germany; Probably made in Mexico; Formerly considered made in Spain. Culture: probably Mexican.

A diamond necklace, third quarter of the 18th century.

A diamond necklace, third quarter of the century. photo Bonhams The central interlaced ribbon bow suspending a drop-shaped pendant, be.

Art Smith wrote in the 1969 catalog of his one man exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Craft: “A piece of jewelry is in a sense an object that is not complete in itself. Jewelry is a ‘what is it?’ until you relate it to the body. The body is a component in design just as air and space are.  Like line, form, and color, the body is a material to work with.  It is one of the basic inspirations in creating form.”

From the Village to Vogue, The Modernist Jewelry of Art Smith - Galaxy necklace and earrings ca.

Roman gold ear pendants w/ cameos & garnets  3rd c. AD

Openwork Roman Gold Ear Pendants Cameos of a facing female on the upper section of each and suspending a gold pendant with cameos of Eros figures; adorned with garnets.


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