I love this so very much.

And John Green wrote The Fault In Our Stars and other amazing books. But this, this is also John Green

John Green reviews Twilight and New Moon

John Green, ladies and gentlemen, on Twilight

Best selling author John Green

" "My face is covered in Sharpie." John Green quotes, AND John Green Sharpie Face.

John Green everyone...I still love him anyways! But ok, I'd exclaim that I have sharpie on my face if I had sharpie on my face!! It's SHARPIE

Dear book fans, This is what John Green really is. Love, The Nerdfighters.

This is so true!

Funny pictures about Why Can’t More People Think Like John Green? Oh, and cool pics about Why Can’t More People Think Like John Green? Also, Why Can’t More People Think Like John Green?

John Green

John Green

John Green, the man who wrote the award winning book "The Fault In our Stars"

The way Americans think about Canada is hilarious. Any of you Americans have any question about Canada?

Something about this makes me think that John had an incident with rice Krispy treats one time...

John Green in a VlogBros video


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a fearless squirrel



HAHA OMG. I feel like Harry Potter would do that! He would say that to James and he'd be like: "Dad, that's Albus"

John Green XD Who the eff is Hank? Hank is a pile of clothes<--- hank is John's bro

Literally one of my fav lines in the book and Isaac in this scene is me when I'm third wheeling lol!

I love Isaac for this exact reason<<I don't like this movie but I love sass

Pretty much

56 Life Lessons You Learned From John Green. I freaking love john green

John Green with some wisdom for the ladies... He is probably the best person ever

"The Venn diagram of boys who don't like smart girls and boys you don't want to date is a circle" ~John Green <<< "giant squid of anger"

HAHAHA Oh my god. How modest of you John. As much as I loved Perks, TFIOS deserved #1.

Oh my gosh, John Green.

Omg this - The Fault In Our Stars -  this was so funny. Can't say I loved the book, big this part was awesome

crying only tfios people will understand